Jordan Eikona VTL


Originally designed for the Jordan JX92S, the VTL enclosure works superbly well with the Eikona 2, giving bass down to 30Hz. This slim enclosure is only 10cm (4 inches) deep, visually elegant and ensures optimum low frequency performance from transmission line loading. The unusual, wide baffle supports upper bass frequencies giving a full, balanced sound.The transmission line vents through the base of the cabinet, as shown. All dimensions in centimeters. For a link to the original design please look HERE

The original Jordan VTL design was adopted by many speaker manufacturers costing many thousands of pounds, so it makes sense to go down the DIY route and save yourself money. Using the new Eikona 2 gives the VTL design new life and sound fantastic.

The kit comprises of 2 ready built cabinets in MDF, 1 Pair Eikona 2's, Back plate, Leads and Spacer all at the same price that other websites charge for their flat pack versions.

Full-range unit:
Jordan Eikona 2
Enclosure type:
Transmission Line
Frequency response:
30Hz - 20,000Hz
(2.83v/1m): 86dB
Amp requirement:
20 -100w
8 ohm
30Kg per pair
(HxWxD): 950mm x 300mm x 106mm

Only £964.00 per pair Qty : Eikona VTL Kit Check out


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