Jordan Eikona Reflex 7


The Jordan Eikona Reflex 7 speakers are a full range bookshelf speaker. This 7.8 Litre front ported speaker uses the Jordan Eikona 2 full-range unit and is based on their original reflex cabinet design. The cabinet is tuned to 50Hz and has -3dB point of 57Hz. The reproduction of all types of music is fast and balanced, giving maximum flat bass response with minimum enclosure size.

With the addition of a 2.4 Ohm resistor the speaker is able to maintain a flatter response when the speaker is away from a wall, we have included this in the design by supplying the speakers with two sets of inputs. One set of inputs intended for use close to a wall and is marked 8 Ohms the other set of inputs for use away from the wall are marked 8 + 2 Ohms

Fitted with magnetic grilles so there are no ugly grille fixings showing when the grille is removed

Full-range unit:
Jordan Eikona 2
Enclosure type:
Ported / Relflex
Frequency response:
57Hz - 20,000Hz
(2.83v/1m): 86dB
Amp requirement:
20 -100w
8 ohm
12Kg per pair
(HxWxD): 276mm x 206mm x 226mm



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Only £862.00 per pair Qty : Reflex 7 Gloss White Check out

Only £862.00 per pair Qty : Reflex 7 Gloss Black Check out

Rear view showing the two sets of input terminals

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