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Power Handling
50 Watts Max
4 Ohms
Frequency Response
30 - 300Hz
Resonant Freq
Weight 1.5kg
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The Tactile Transducer TT-50
Special technology for structure-borne sound production. By mounting to a seat or also to a floor or dance floor capable of vibrating, the impression of a powerful bass is generated which can physically be felt, independently of the perceived volume. Especially suitable for car HiFi applications but also to be used as excellent completion of home cinema systems and home HiFi systems as well as multimedia applications like PC games. Easy mounting due to screwing to the lower side or rear side of the seat. Connection to a suitable power amplifier via basic passive crossover network as for subwoofers, or even better via an individual amplifier. Series or parallel connection of several BR-25 units is possible like with common bass speakers. Free air resonance: 40Hz (varies due to mounting to different surfaces), frequency range: approx. 30-300Hz, even mounting surface of at least 110x110mm, dimensions: 138x138x56mm, weight: 1.5kg.

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