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The Superb NEW XLS300 MK2 Subwoofer 275W RMS 10"
Now in 10 Superb Finishes - Prices Start at £359.95
Light Oak
Black Ash
Silver SG
Silver SG
Gloss Black
Silver BG
Silver BG
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The XLS200 has now been updated to the XLS300, it still has the awesome Peerless XLS10 lousdpeaker fitted in an 18 litre enclosure, making it extremely tight and fast for music but now has the same panel orentation and electronics of the Platinum range making it slightly more powerfull at 300W
All XLS300 Subwoofers are fitted with an Auto-On function that will switch the subwoofer into standby when no signal has been detected for 15 minutes and will automatically switch on when a signal is received, This feature can be disabled if required
Why Choose the XLS300 MK2
Due to customer demand the new XLS300-DF MK2 now incorporates a filter bypass switch that allows the bass management of your AV Processor to manage the bass frequencies for home theatre work leaving the the XLS300's built in filtering to deal with the bass management on the High Level Input for Hi-Fi use.
The design brief was to manufacture a sub woofer that goes low with plenty of power and the flexibility of connection and control so as to fit into most systems, it also had to be fast and musical. All of this then we squeezed it into a compact 18 Litre cabinet.
We are proud to use a Peerless XLS10 drive unit, this was chosen for a number of reasons firstly, Peerless are a respected manufacturer that build the highest quality drive units. The XLS10 is designed with an extra long stroke and incorporates shorting rings that help lower distortion. It also has a low Qts and even in an 18 Litre enclosure has a system Qb that is lower than 0.5 in other words the system is said to be critically damped which in lay mans turns means the XLS300 MK2 will have a superb transient response with virtually no overhang
Powered by our very own fully discrete Class A/B amplifier , you get a feature packed 275W RMS amplifier with all the inputs and controls needed to tailor the sub woofer so as to seamlessly fit into your existing system
System Type: Critically Damped Active System with Variable Freq bass filter and 18 Litre Sealed Enclosure
Frequency Response at -6dB: 17Hz
Amplifier Input / Output Impedance: High Level 100K - Low Level 10K
Gain Control Range: 60dB
Drive Unit Impedance: 4 Ohm
Mains Input: 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions: 390D X 298H x 298W
Weight: 17.5kg
Finishes: Black Semi Gloss, Silver Semi Gloss, Light Oak Veneer and Cheery Veneer
  • 2 years warranty
  • True 300W continuous discrete Bipolar amplifier
  • Truly hand built in Great Britain, when we claim hand built we mean hand built, as there are no SMD components or other automatic placement devices.
  • Forward Firing 250mm (10") Peerless XLS10 long throw heavy duty and highly regarded drive unit
  • Continuously variable frequency control
  • Audiophile grade toroidal transformers
  • Gas Tight Neutrik connection for long term consistency of sound quality
  • Separate controls for high and low-level input adjustment
  • Simultaneous connection of high and low level sources
  • ASP automatic speaker protection audibly transparent driver protection
  • 4 x 16A output devices for effortless current control
  • IEC Power Socket
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Only £359.95 Qty : Black Ash Check out

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Silver SG

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  Silver BG
Only £359.95 Qty : Silver Black Grille Check out

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Accessories Supplied with Subwoofer
Optional Extra
3m Mono RCA Phono Interconnect, Set of M8 Spikes, Mains lead and Manual
To Order a 5, 10 or 15M High Level Lead Click HERE
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