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It has been common knowledge for a long time that the quality of the bass in any given room is largely dependent on the room that the subwoofer has to work in. Some of us may get away with minor tweaking and placement of the subwoofer but for others setting up the subwoofer can be a complete nightmare. There are already gadgets on the market can that can Eq your room and these can be either difficult to use or extremely expensive. with the Anti Mode 8033 we feel there is now a middle ground in Eq devices, it's competitively priced but very easy to use.


"Bass rhythms became tighter and unwanted 'thump' was lessened, making the bass more fluid and natural"

Read full Hi-Fi World UK Aug/08 article

Typical listening room resonates in low frequencies. It causes that even the the best subwoofer does not sound good. Frequencies that are below the resonances can not be distinguished. The problem is the most severe when subwoofer is placed close the wall or to the corner of the room.

Anti-ModeT technology eliminates the resonances of the speaker and the room by equalizing both the amplitude and the time domain responses by using very accurate digital signal processing filter structures and anti-phasing technology. In this way, the listener can hear the frequencies down to the specified cut-off frequency of the subwoofer. Also the transient response is improved drastically in the process, making bass sound faster and more controlled.

Anti-ModeT 8033 is very simple to use. It is completely automatic, making frequency sweeps to the desired calibration point (or multiple points) and measuring the combined transfer function of the subwoofer-room system

. Anti-ModeT 8033 is connected using normal RCA cables, most common in home theater systems and equipment. The input to the device is taken from the line level subwoofer output of the (pre-)amplifier. The output is connected to the line level input of the subwoofer. These signals are available in practically any home audio equipment.



  • Measures combined response of speaker and room by using included microphone
  • Very easy to use, automatic calibration
  • Can be used with any active subwoofer
  • Minimum phase filtering, no significant algorithm delay
  • Frequency range 5-160 Hz
  • Three user selectable additional equalization filters
  • One or several measurement point calibration
  • Ultra compact enclosure: 126 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm (5" x 3.2"  x 1.1")
  • Weight 230 g
  • Low power consumption: 1.5W
  • Fulfills RoHS directive

Principle of operation Here

Specifications :-

  •   8033 C
    Correction Range 16 - 160 Hz
    Frequency Range 5 - 160 Hz
    Input Connectors 1xRCA (mono)
    Power switch Auto
    Power option Auto
    Gold-plated connectors Yes

What The Reviewers Say


The Anti-Mode 8033C wins the Absolute Sound GOLDEN EAR Award 2010
AVForums Best Buy by Russ Williams  
So, to sum up; It's small enough to tuck out of the way, sturdy, simple for technophobes, effective enough for technophiles, as cheap as it currently gets and it works. That makes it an easy recommended buy."
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Stereophile April 2009

Anti-Mode 8033 is selected to Recommended components listings under Signal Processors category in the special issue of wth "500 recommended components". In addition the 8033 received rare "$$$" marking for it's exceptional price/quality rating.

"Where we have found a product to perform much better than might be expected from its price, we have drawn attention to it with "$$$" next to its listing.

Stereophile January 2009, "Music in the round by Kalman Rubinson"

"When I restored the 8033's EQ, each pedal tone became distinguishable. There was similar salutary effect with low percussion and winds, and, of course with film sound effects"

"In summary, the DSPeaker Anti-Mode is a dandy little device for taking care of the major influences of room modes. It is incredibly easy to use and reasonably priced"

HI-FI World August/2008

"Bass rhythms became tighter and unwanted 'thump' was lessened, making the bass more fluid and natural"

Read the whole article in PDF

Hifimaailma 1/2008, Test (in Finnish)

"Calibrated subwoofer sounded clearly more balanced and accurate. Also the integration to the main speakers improved, and localization of the subwoofer diminished"

"Anyone can use it, and the result is always consistently successful"

Hifimaailma 2/2008 (in Finnish), Automatic calibration systems review (Audyssey, MCACC & YPAO)

"For example the Anti-Mode 8033 tested in previous issue, was compared to these systems completely superior tool for adjusting the subwoofer"

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