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The New and Awesome Monolith Subwoofer 300W RMS (600W Peak) 12" Ported Reflex - £449.95
With a genuine in room response of 15Hz @ -3dB

The Monolith subwoofer shown here in our new stunning black ash veneer and above next to one of our XLS200's with an AVForums mug on top for size comparisons. Weighing in at 43kg and measuring 560D X 540H x 420W this is our biggest sub to date, in fact listening tests have led us to believe that the Monolith is not for the faint of heart.

Please note that the feet fitted to the Monolith-FF in the picture above are the M8 SuperSpikes, these do not come fitted as standard and will need to be purchased separately. SuperSpikes can be found on our website HERE

Introduction:- Since we introduced the XLS200 our compact high power subwoofer, it has become apparent that there is a need for a budget high power, high SPL and low distortion subwoofer at a realistic price, with this in mind the Monolith was born. Designed from the speaker upwards the Monolith represents a significant saving in price vs performance and at a smidge under £400 we are offering a serious subwoofer.
The Amplifier:- We have years of experience in the manufacture of amplifiers from cinema amps for large cinema chains, PA amplifiers for the Disco and PA boys through to Hi-Fi and AV active sub units for some very respected OEM's. For the Monolith we decided on a 300W Mosfet design using "D" type lateral devices that are specifically made for audio use and are not to be confused with the switching types that can sound a bit harsh. The Mosfet design has a high slew rate and high damping factor and can be considered audiophile quality even when used as a full range amplifier, at sub bass frequencies the quality of the amplifier is exceptional. Fully featured, with High and Low level mixing capabilities, continuously variable phase control, variable frequency, Balanced XLR input, Low level gold plated RCA inputs and a gas tight Neutrik High level input make this sub easy to integrate with most equipment whether for Hi-Fi or AV use or even for both simultaneously.

The Monolith amplifier hand built by B.K. Electronics



The Cabinet:- Out of necessity the cabinet has to be large after all we are designing a high SPL and low distortion subwoofer. The cabinet has to be strong, rigid and not colour the sound. So, it's made from 25mm MDF and critically braced. The port has a 100mm internal diameter and is flared both ends to further eliminate port noise.
The Flared Port
The Superb Drive Unit Front
and Back
Drive Unit:- A 300mm / 12" twin magnet drive unit to increase linear excursion, a cast basket for a solid uncoloured projection of sound without ringing and vented pole piece to help reduce power compression
System Type: 95 Litre reflex tuned to 20Hz, cabinet manufactured from veneered 25mm MDF and Critically braced
Distortion: 5% 102dB @ 20Hz
Frequency Response at -3dB: 20Hz / In Room at 15Hz
Amplifier Input / Output Impedance: High Level 100K - Low Level 10K - Balanced 10K
Gain Control Range: 80dB
Drive Unit Impedance: 4 Ohm
Mains Input: 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions: 560D X 540H x 420W
Weight: 42.75kg
Finishes: See Below
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • True 300W continuos discrete Mosfet amplifier
  • Truly hand built in Great Britain, when we claim hand built we mean hand built, as there are no SMD components or other automatic placement devices.
  • Forward Firing 300mm (12")
  • Continuously variable frequency control
  • Audiophile grade toroidal transformers
  • Gas Tight Neutrik connection for long term consistency of sound quality
  • Separate controls for high and low-level input adjustment
  • Simultaneous connection of high and low level sources
  • Balanced Inputs
  • Thermal Protection
  • Anti Thump
  • ASP automatic speaker protection audibly transparent driver protection
  • 4 x 16A output devices for effortless current control
  • IEC Power Socket
  • Doubled flared port for reduced port noise

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The Monolith comes complete with the following "FREE" accessories
Spikes 8mm
Mains Lead
5M High Level Lead
5M Phono to Phono
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