All our subwoofers are hand built in the UK - 9 Subwoofers in 10 finishes prices ranging from £224.95 to £639.95
BK Electronics have been manufacturing subwoofers for OEM's in the Hi-Fi and AV industry for at least 20 years, producing for our customers sub bass systems that have amassed 5 star awards and untold accolades. We now offer our sub woofers direct to the public and pass on the massive savings which can be as much as 50% when compared with subwoofers of an equivalent type.
The All new P12-300SB


Downward Facing Speaker


The P12-300SB is the latest subwoofer from BK Electronics boasting a 300W RMS amplifier and a 12" loudspeaker in a sealed enclosure the P12-300SB is designed to be both deep and dynamic to add that much needed effect for movies, but also it is subtle for music. With it's new looks and the addition of an auto on function the P12-300SB is an exceptional subwoofer that will grace both Hi-Fi systems and AV systems alike.

With both downward and forward firing versions available and the choice of 10 finishes there's sure to be one that will match your system

Prices starting from £379.95

The P12-300SB receives a 5 star Recommended Buy in Hi-Fi Choice to go with Best Buys on the AVForums and Home Cinema Choice
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Forward Facing Speaker


Monolith Plus-DF And Monolith Plus-FF

The Monolith on steroids, now boasting a 500W amplifier and Lab 12 loudspeaker




Monolith-DF And Monolith-FF

These are a large subwoofer boasting a 300W mosfet amplifier and a 12" long throw drive unit it is capable of producing extremely high SPL's and goes very deep




The XXLS400-DF and XXLS400-FF

Now The XLS200 now has a big brother the all new XXLS400 featuring a 12" long throw drive unit a a 400W amplifier in a 50L sealed enclosure.





The XLS200_DF and XLS200-FF

A very compact subwoofer featuring a 10" Peerless drive unit coupled to a 275W Bi-Polar amplifier that produce deep accurate bass that will amaze you from such a small box






The Gemini II compact 10" 150W subwoofer that brims full of controls and circuitry to allow it to fit into AV and Hi-Fi system simultaneously. Twin filters and displays, one for music one for movies

Ideal for use with Soundbars



  A range of selected accessories that will help or improve your home cinema experience



The iW300

A 300W in wall subwoofer ideal for use when you need to hide the subwoofer without compromising performance



The IS300-A

A 300W Stand alone subwoofer amplifier ideal for use with our iW300, passive subwoofers and bass shakers.


Bundle Deals

Save yourself pounds by buying your subwoofer and accessories at the same time

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