As B.K. Electronics sell direct we realise that it can sometimes be a leap of faith to purchase a subwoofer without a listening test. So on this page we have given some links to what our customers have written about our subs

Hi i just thought i would take a quick moment and five minutes out of my time to offer some praise on what has been a very satisfying conclusion to my bass woes. After hearing about your subs through av forums and deciding to take a punt instead of another rel (something i was loathe to do but felt i was running out of options). I contacted yourselves last week and throughout my initial phone calls was meet with professional friendly staff and after speaking and deciding which sub best suited my needs plumped for the xls 200. Said sub arrived on the promised day and on top of the fulfilled promise i was also pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call telling me it had been dispatched and when I couldn't track it Olive kindly did this so my in laws would not have to wait in all day. I have been running the sub in for a week now and have finally settled on calibrations and all i have to say is WOW. Whilst I realise you guys have had great press and avf clearly know and love your products it cannot be understated just how big this sub makes my kef system feel, my old supplied sub was not up to the job and if your product had been half as good again i would've been over the moon but its leaps and bounds better, musically very nice but thunderous when required with movies and taut and sharp always. So I will conclude this email by saying thank you for a very nice experience throughout and in a country where we seem to import everything its nice to have dealt with a British company that embodies professionalism. Regards Mark

I received the xls200 today. Wonderful piece of equipment.... strong tight base just like i wanted. I purchased three other subs before the xls200 the bk sub puts all the others to shame. Thank you very much. Richard

Hi, I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the XLS200-DF. I set it up using the Audyssey configuration on my Onkyo and the LFE improvement was immediate. Even my wife, who was previously anti sub-woofer for size, colour, and sound reasons, and my visiting Mother-in-Law commented how it had changed and improved the sound. Result! I'll certainly be recommending BK to my friends if they are in the market for a sub :) Best regards Andy

Hello Tom, The XLS200-DF arrived today. It looks and sounds fantastic! Much better than my previous Rel T5. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Regards, Norbert

Hi, Just a quick note to say the sub arrived safely thanks, and to let you know how pleased I am with it ..... I'm actually quite taken aback by how good the performance is from such a small enclosure. It integrates seamlessly with my Proac Studio 140's, which are no slouches on the bottom end, but the XLS200 under-pins them beautifully, adding the desired amount of weight, feel and extension while retaining very impressive speed and accuracy - just what I was after, and brilliant value for money ! So, many thanks, and please feel free to add my comments to the 'testimonials' section on your web site. Neville

Another vote for BKelectronics. I have one of their 10" Sealed Subs, driven by a 200W (rms) Panel amp - As built and sold by them earlier this year. It does all I want for a home cinema sub. Drops Low, Goes loud when asked, and cements the bottom end of my Tannoy Revolution R3 Floorstanders for both music and movies. I've heard a lot bigger and more expensive subs that don't cut it, including brand leaders like REL and M&K. Depends what your after really. I wanted a sub that drops and still sounds musical and seamless, and that's what I got for under £300 all in delivered. Cheers,

I tried both of these and decided the XLS is the clear winner. It performs much better and is considerably cheaper. What more could we possible ask for?

Great work guys, its very interesting to see that the 309 and 909 are so close. Looks like the BK just wins out on the best of show award

Just like to say, WOW. Received my XLS200-DF Yesterday and it is phenominal. My main speakers (Mission 753 Freedoms) sound like they are now on steroids. The Sub has tightened everything up and I couldn't be happier

Just a note to say that the XXLS 400 sub woofer was delivered as anticipated earlier today. The sub woofer is now "plumbed in" and working very well...a really good enhancement to my VTPO's audio system. Frequency response appears to be excellent down to about 20Hz beyond which it, as anticipated, struggles a little down to the lowest 32 foot base stop at around 15Hz. Sufficient to say that I am very pleased with the speaker's performance and appearance and indeed the service received from BK Electronics.

This evening I connected up my new Gemini 2 sub woofer to my hi hi. I have one word to say about it and it is 'AWESOME' This is an incredible piece of kit for the money.......I love the fact that at night time when I can't blast my music out (daughter in bed, neighbours, etc), even at low volume the additional bass from the sub creates an overall full rich sound that wasn't there before. I'm very impressed. Thank you for manufacturing such great piece of gear.

Hallo, i bought an xxls 400 from you about 2 months ago. Believe me i heard a lot of high end woofers with high end prices but your woofer is absolutely one of the best i have ever heard. I am so lucky with it i can not describe it. I had a high end woofer from a german company before that never satisfied me and i payed a lot more money for it than for yours. I want to thank you for this product which always makes me smile when i listen to it. An advice: After putting it on a 10 cm oak platform which made a craftsman espacially for me it even sounds better. Kind regards Kolja

Hi Tom Just a note to say how very pleased I am with my XXLS400-DF.

It has totally transformed my ageing, middle range set up (Marantz SR47 Receiver, Mordaunt-Short Festival Series 2 speakers).

I was already pretty happy with system top end and middle frq but lacked 'bottom-end'. Now that I have more or less got it set up properly (see below) it is like having a whole new system and I am going through the phase of paying stuff I haven't touched for years just to listen to the improvement!

The alternative to the XXLS400 would have been to spend, spend, spend on new speakers able to go down this low, along with amp capable of driving them - Quite probably £thousands...

I know a purist would argue that I would then have had a more 'hi-fi' system, but I can't see it would have sounded (say) 10 times better to me. :)

I did have a slight hiccup (of my own making) when I set up the crossover purely by listening to music and thought it sounded right.

I then played a low frq test file and realised I'd left a 'hole' around 50/60 Hz as I'd not realised how much my speakers 'dropped off' around this point.

Once I'd adjusted for this the result was a revelation!

It also feels really well built, with firm, smooth controls and delivery was exactly as promised.

I would recommend the XXLS400 to anyone without hesitation. Please feel free to use all or any part of this email as a testimonial. Thanks very much.

Kind regards Mike

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