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Out Now The New Double Gem

The latest addition to our range the Double Gem has 2 x 10" drive units giving a cone area of just over 14" but maintaining the speed of the 10" speaker. It incorporates a 300W amplifier sporting all the usual inputs and controls for maximum flexibility in connection, plus an auto-on function with defeat switch

We have deigned the Double Gem to be as slim as possible so that it can fit into a limited space but still deliver the performance of it's wider 12" siblings

As with all our subwoofer the Double Gem is available in 10 finishes including 5 real wood veneers

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The All new P12-300SB


Downward Facing Speaker

The P12-300SB is the latest subwoofer from BK Electronics boasting a 300W RMS amplifier and a 12" loudspeaker in a sealed enclosure the P12-300SB is designed to be both deep and dynamic to add that much needed effect for movies, but also it is subtle for music. With it's new looks and the addition of an auto on function the P12-300SB is an exceptional subwoofer that will grace both Hi-Fi systems and AV systems alike.With both downward and forward firing versions available and the choice of 10 finishes there's sure to be one that will match your system

Prices starting from £379.95

Home Cinema Choice - Here
Hi-Fi Choice - Here
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Forward Facing Speaker


The Awesome Monolith PlusWith prices starting at £569.95 you really do get a lot of subwoofer for your money

The Awesome Monolith Plus is our top performing 12" ported subwoofer and incorporates our own specially designed and built 500W B.LAT amplifier and a state of the art 12" driver. At the heart of the subwoofer is our B.LAT Amplifier which features an array of controls that include volume adjustment for both high and low level inputs, frequency and phase adjustments that will allow the end user varied connection options and ease of fine tuning. This amplifier is built here at our UK factory and is rated at 500W RMS and 1000W RMS peak dynamic.

The voicing of the subwoofer is effortlessly performed by the Eminence LAB 12 driver with it's 80oz double stacked magnets, vented pole piece, 12-spoke die-cast aluminium basket, Kevlar-reiforced paper cone and a double inverted dustcap that gives the LAB12 driver exceptional rigidify to work as a near perfect piston allowing for clean powerful and uncoloured sub bass production.

When Adam Rayner reviewed the original Monolith-DF he said " I found it hard to grasp the lack of difference between the sound output of the mighty Monolith and that of my resident 2,500 REL. " and gave it a Home Cinema Best Buy


New Gemini 2The new and improved Gemini 2 Subwoofer now boasts a 10" drive unit for deeper bass, twin filters and displays, one for music and one for movies but still starting at only £224.95 for a real wood veneer

The Gemini 2 awarded 4 stars by What H-Fi click on image above for full review


XXLS400 Wins a 5 Star Best Buy AwardAdam Rayner says " Accurate and authoritative, this punches way beyond it's weight and bizzarrely out of its price point,too."

Prices start at £449.95 Read the full review HERE


Pear Drop Class D AmplifierThe pear drop DA 180 boasts 90W per channel into 4 ohms and 180W into 8 ohms bridged (Monoblock) small, light, and powerful.

Priced at only £199.95 - Please click HERE for more details


The Absolute Sound Magazine Sep/2012

"it is Aladdin Genie except that you get a lot more than three wishes!"

"Get a cuppa, because this digital Swiss Army Knife has something of interest for everyone and it's going to take a while to explain it!"

Click on the image above to see the full review

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